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Seller Guide

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ONE HOUSE GROUP Founded in Calgary, The One House Group services Calgary and surrounding markets. Technology and the love for Real Estate are at the forefront of our culture. We strive to offer a fresh modern approach to sales and marketing. We push traditional boundaries and implement and execute new ways to elevate our marketing footprint. Let us show you how our experience, of over fifty years...Read More

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5 Reasons to Stage Your Home

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Some sellers immediately balk at the idea of staging their home. A few of the reasons for this are because they may think it's too expensive, maybe they think it's too much work or it's possible that they just really like their own decorating.   The fact of the matter is that the potential expense of hiring a home stager will never be as expensive as your first price reduction on...Read More

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4 Reasons to Buy a Spec Home

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If you want the excitement of moving into a brand new home without waiting for it to be built from scratch or having to handle the plethora of design decisions that come along with it, choosing a Spec Home could very well be the perfect option for you. New Spec Homes are houses that have been designed and constructed by a builder, without a specific buyer in mind. The carefully chosen design, styl...Read More

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5 Secret Sources of Down Payment Money

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Whether you are planning to put down a full 20 percent or pulling together the cash for a 3.5 percent down payment for an FHA loan, your down payment might be the biggest single cash expenditure you ever make. Some scrimp and save for years, while others can ready the cash with less difficulty, but no buyer in the history of home buying has ever said they have too much down payment money.   ...Read More

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10 Commonly Misunderstood Real Estate Terms

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Buying a home is complicated enough without feeling like your real estate agent is speaking a foreign language. Learning the real estate lingo is an important part of feeling in the loop while you're purchasing your home. These 10 definitions of commonly misunderstood real estate terms will help you be on your way to being an informed home buyer.   1) Appraisal   An appraisal is an...Read More

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6 Signs a Home Might Be ‘The One’

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You might have heard that saying about the number of fish there are in the sea – the sea of prospective dates and mates. The same goes for homes on the market. Even when the market heats up as it's doing now, it's not uncommon for a buyer to visit 10, 20 or even more homes before finding the property they want to make their home.   These numbers can be daunting, but even the mo...Read More

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10 Staging Tips to Wow Buyers

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The following article is from Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine.   Preparing any property for sale can be a daunting and often overwhelming task, even for a seasoned investor. Whether you are living in your current investment property or if it has been tenanted for years there are some key staging strategies that can help get your property open house read.   1. Start with a change o...Read More

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10 Tips for the First Time Home Buyer

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Chad Kon   Looking for your first home is an exciting (and sometimes stressful) adventure! Allow me to cover some of the important steps and common questions for you. Everything from setting a budget, to being properly educated on the value and the neighborhood you're interested in - and how commissions work as the buyer in the transaction.   Happy home ownership requires attentio...Read More

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Buying in 2018? 3 Things to Do NOW

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Jessica Kushnir   Planning on a move in 2018? Start preparing now! It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of buying this month or six months from now; preparing today will help to ease you into the process. Here are three simple things that will help you get started. Mortgage Application – Speak to your trusted Mortgage Broker or Bank:   A Mortgage Specialist will be ...Read More

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Where Others See a Market Downturn – We See Opportunity

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Danny James   We see the Opportunity – Do you?   The headlines have been pessimistic. We’ve all heard reports about the dip in the Calgary Real Estate market. While sales have slowed from the same time last year, it really isn’t all doom and gloom for the city’s Real Estate market. In fact, it’s looking pretty bright for prospective buyers.   Are we...Read More

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